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Welcome to: If Male Superhero Costumes were Designed Like Female Superhero Costumes!

Aaaaa I dunno. I got tired of guys having no idea why girls find female superhero’s costumes kinda sexist, so I, um, made this?

My main goals were: 1) Make it so the first thing you think of when you look at them is sex, whether you want to or not. 2) make it so that any male human who looks at this feels really uncomfortable. 3) make it funny, because, well, it’s kinda hilarious really.

Not trying to start a war here, just wanted to poke a bit of fun.

So, here you go menfolk, welcome to being a girl who likes comics.

(via thebrokebackpose)

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Happy Birthday Dreamhost!

Dice Candies’ webpage has been hosted on Dreamhost since the beginning, mainly because I’ve been a Dreamhost customer from the early days of shared hosting and it was a no-brainer to add another company to the lineup.

Moving from Shared, to VPS, to Dedicated hosting over the years hasn’t always been smooth, but Dreamhost has always been there to help and make things right. Even the CEO will admit where they are weak, listen to a situation, and work to improve things. This is why I love Dreamhost.

Happy quinceanera(+1) Dreamhost!

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